The Quintessential Style Statement Of Marilyn Monroe


Inspiration is the core element of the glitterati fashion industry. Inspiring from nature, the history, and the cultures around us is what the designers fall for, whereas it is from the celebrities were the inspiration of go-to fashionistas and divas pop-up.

Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Kim Kardashian have made a lot of hullabaloo in the 21st century, however, Marilyn Monroe is one such beauty who is still talked about and praised for her exquisite yet sensuous fashion statements. Marilyn Monroe died at a very young age of 36 due to a drug overdose. She faced ups and downs in her career, however, her fashion styles made a sole identity for her.

The t-shirt dress trend she started in the 50’s is in trend even today. So, let us take a peek-a-boo into the trends of Marilyn Monroe that you can use to style yourself effortlessly.

The Formal Chic


Imagine how effortlessly you style your pencil skirt with a formal blouse or solid white shirt! You might be surprised to know that Marilyn Monroe styled a flawless look with a pencil skirt. Stilettos accompanied with a solid pastel skirt and polka dot or solid shirt is the perfect outfit for any formal occasion that will speak of your statement. Also, you can add a dainty necklace and watch for that classic look.

Floral Fit n Flare


We have seen how every girl goes ga-ga over a fit and flare dress. There are a number of people who choose fit and flare over bodycon dresses because of the body fitting. However, Marilyn Monroe styled the fit and flare dress in her classic style. The classic bob cut and her dress give divas inspirations even today.

Glitterati Trend

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Be it the red carpet or the glamorous event – a glitter dress is always in the limelight. Marilyn Monroe in the golden glitterati dress is always on the roll on the internet and is till date an evergreen inspiration of beautiful divas. A side slit in your glitter dress will add that extra notch to your statement piece.



Were you thinking t-shirt dress to be the trend of the 21st century? If you were, you need to get your facts clear, Marilyn Monroe donned the classic striped t-shirt dress perfectly. The turtleneck style design and red lips are even today a perfect casual and routine style.

Off-shoulder gowns


Off-shoulders were a hit in the 2017 and even today, the off-shoulder trend is gaining a lot of hype. Marilyn Monroe styled vibrant off-shoulder dresses for her shoots and movies giving her a lot of limelight in the fashion industry.

So, these were the dresses that Marilyn Monroe style effortlessly and also is giving fashion goals to not only the social media influencers but the whole industry.

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